June 16, 2012

Suz:- Catching Up:-Two TASTS, Two CQJP's, and a WIP

Hi everyone. I tried to catch up on my TAST, and for last week, here's the knotted cretan stitch:
It's a little difficult to see, but there are two rows flanking one of the icicles on my May CQJP block.

Below the icicle, there's a half buttonhole wheel for this week's TAST stitch

Here's a row of buttonhole wheels in two colours- a variegated green on the bottom, and a bright red on the top.
This appears on my June CQJP block.

The May CQJP block is now finished:

bugle and seed beads act as hangers for the icicle 'lights'
and rows of red stitching adorn the red fabric
green stem stitched stems travel from one flower cluster to the next while seed beads in white and crystal add a bit of sparkle
a woven row in variegated greens
a sparkly snowflake button
and lots of white 'pearl bulbs' decorate the tree
Mr S. is still trying to place that green tinsel

May CQJP block is fini!

The naked June block:

I added a NOEL lace motif with gold thread, then a seam treatment of lace
now June looks like this:

To my StitchMAP thread roll-up, I added a spider web with 2 colours of kreinik metallic thread, a satin stitched butterfly, and a large motif of a cute birdy sitting on a flowering tree branch.

Next I'll be creating a spider to sit on its web
then some seam treatments and beading for the pin cushion, and perhaps some beading on the needlebooks, too.

Looks like lots of stitching coming up.

Hope you've had a wonderful stitchy week.

Hugs from Suz 


Debra Spincic said...

Goodness, you have been stitching up a snowstorm! Cute additions to your Christmas blocks. Everything looks super!

Suztats said...

thanks Debra. I'm in the groove, now, and off to do some more stitchin'.

Debra Spincic said...

When you are hot, you are hot!

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

Suz, what a great reveal, we're really being spoiled this weekend. Your woven row looks really effective and could be used in a number of ways. StitchMAP sewing roll looks so colourful, the spiders web, butterfly and bird motif add so much interest and clever placement on your tree. Thanks so much for showing your sewing roll. Really enjoy seeing naked block.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Wow, what a little time away does. You did great catching up. Your tree looks nice with the beads and I'm pleased to see Mr. Snowman didn't cause any problems for you while you were gone. The icycles are such an awesome touch on this block. Your StitchMap piece has such a nice plethora of stitches. Your June block is off to a nice start too especially with that wonderful NOEL motif over the gorgeous fabric. You will be passing us all up before long.

Suztats said...

Thanks Carol! :-D

Suztats said...

I doubt that, Connie, I was just in overdrive making up for the time I lost with pulled obliques.
I threatened Mr. S with the hot sunshine, so he had to behave or end up a pool of slush.......lol

ladyhawthorne said...

Christmas looks like it will be fabulous at your house. I really like your stitch map piece, so very colorful, and I can;t wait to see what you do with the pin cushion!

Cy said...

Excellent reveal Suz, and a great catch-up. Happy to see all this lovely eye candy.
Good work on the knotted cretan and buttonhole wheels, and I love your woven row in variegated greens.
Looking forward to seeing the spider arrive on the web.

Barbara C said...

So much nice work, I really love your spiderweb. Great job!

Peacock said...

Wow! That little bird is something else! Did you use an eyelash type yarn for him? He looks fluffy. :)
Great spiderweb. Mine always seem to get really weird when I try to make them large like that.
And your Christmas blocks are coming along nicely! You are sure to treasure this for years to come.

Suztats said...

Yes, I did, Peacock. I'm sure it won't stand up to too much handling, but I saved some for replacingm if needed. Thanks.

cq4fun said...

What a lot of catching up you did! All that beautiful stitching. I'm looking forward most to seeing your spider. I love spiders. =)

Suztats said...

Thanks Cy. I hope the spider shows up for this week's reveal.

Suztats said...

Thanks. Spidey should make her appearance this week, I hope.