May 24, 2017

Moira: Finishes and progress on others

Tried posting this before and the system burped and posted it with a date from 2 wks ago.  So trying again to get it to work right.

Finished off the late baby quilt and got it sent off last week.  Made the quilt after seeing a pic of one somewhere.   Love it because the blocks can be made to fit whatever amount of the focus fabric that you have on hand.

I managed to get a quilt sent off for the Hands-2-Help project that Susan and I have been participating in this year.  I sent one that I had made years ago, but then never used or gave to anyone.   It is one of the very few that I've ever made and then washed right after making.

Got the first sample row laid out and fused with the exception of not getting the three wise men added to it.   I still need to cut a large enough piece of Kona block to do that.  This one has the correct layout that I want, but because I wasn't thinking is too long for the actual specs.  So I'm re-thinking a little on the directions and the measurements for it.   Will be June tho before I can really get back to it.  However I did get the draft of the pattern to the gal setting up the row-along.  So that is progress.

And finally I worked on the commissioned origami swans quilt this week.  Got all of the final sets of fabric prepped (fusible ironed to them) and the pieces cut out.  Only to realize that I traced the main body section upside-down to what it should be.  Net result was I had 6 or 7 sets that I have to redo part of them so that they are usable.   These blocks will end up flying in the opposite direction as the ones I've been making.   I'll do that some other time.

In the meantime I pulled more sets of fabric
coordinates and prepped them as replacements.  All of the pieces have now been fused down and I'm working on doing the stitching on them.  There are 31 blocks in process, and 30 already done.....and yes I only need 42 for the commissioned quilt.  But I knew I needed extras in order to be able to play with them as I lay things out to get the look in my head.  Will have enough at the end for a second quilt that I'll finish up and sell.

May 23, 2017

Susan: Another Seam and A Postcard Finished

So don't take it personally that I'm forgetting to post until late in the day. It's been that kind of life the last few months. I did get some stitching finished, though. Here's the September Postcard from Heaven, and the last one I'll do. That will give me 9 blocks for last year's CQJP.

I also did another seam on the August block:

Judy ~ We Have Sunshine!

Not a whole lot of inside work is happening here as the sun is out here for the third day in a row!  Evenings, I'm still working on the long neglected beaded shawl, trying hard to get the correct stitch count for the border, but  this scarf below, one of my favorite patterns for multi-colored yarn is now finished. Hopefully it won't be needed for a good long while!  It does go with our blue skies though, doesn't it?

Carpe diem!  Enjoy the sunshine wherever you are, too.

May 16, 2017

Angela ~ Sorry No Stitching

I'm sorry I have no stitching to share,  I was going to have a post but my hyper-extended thumb has been hurting for days.  The only way to get it well is to not use it.  I'm sure you know how easy that is...NOT.

It's my right thumb and I'm very right handed, but no more moaning.

I've been blessed with almost 10 pounds so far, of blackberries, there are tomatoes on the vine and I'll be picking beans in a day or two.

I have begun a YouTube channel and you can check it out here if you are so inclined.  No sewing there yet, but I'm sure there will be.

I found and loved this and thought I would share.  We could change it to say "...not stitching enough."

Cyra ~ Ice Cream & Christmas Trees

Haha, what a great title - Ice-cream and Christmas trees can only go together in a blog post.

Neapolitan Ice Cream Baby Blanket

It's Finished. 
Yay, I have a FO.
It's called Neapolitan Ice Cream because it is the Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla ice cream colours of the Neapolitan ice cream blocks that I used to buy when my kids were young.
The pattern for this will be in my Ravelry projects soon.

Hexie Quilt

A few bright greens have been added. 
A LOT more bright greens are yet to be added, lol.

Christmas Trees

I have added the beads decorations to my little Christmas trees on the woven felt hearts, and buttonhole stitched around the hearts.
Just have the hanging ribbons to add before I can call them finished.

And, a large, fiber related, street art project is in the planning stage for Oct/Nov.
I'm starting to gather the necessary 'bits & pieces' for it.
I hope Tony doesn't want to put the car away in our garage before Nov, lol.

Happy Stitching

May 9, 2017

Cyra ~ Christmas in July

A plain and simple crocheted baby blanket WIP. Not finished yet, but just the border to do now.
Some brainless crochet to do while sitting in the garden enjoying a glass of wine and the last of the sunny days before winter is upon us.

A Christmas Project WIP. In preparation for a Christmas in July group project. 
Everyone gets to make four of these Heart Christmas Tree decorations, and decorate them as they wish. 
I know there are only three here, but that is because my 1st one was used as the demonstration piece to show the group, and I no longer have it. 
Other members had some difficulty putting the hearts together, so I made up most of the 50+ hearts for them to embellish.
These three will have a Blanket stitch edging and beads added to decorate the crocheted tree.

My mothers bobbins untangled and sorted out nicely in the end.
Some with spangles, some without.

Happy Stitching

Judy ~ A Post Finally and Some Finished UFOs

Lately I've been terribly remiss about posting here.  It seems that every Tuesday evening when it's time for bed I remember that it was Tuesday post day.   I've been working on some ancient UFOs, trying to whittle down their number. (I am way better at starting than finishing.) I was inspired by Judy L. of Patchwork Times suggestion to make a list of 12 unfinished quilt projects, and then she draws the project number to complete each month, only I'm using it on my knit projects, not that I don't have any quilt UFOs. (or cross stitch....)

April's finish is Color Affection which I started in 2012.

February's project Twin Rib Scarf was finally complete on May 1.  If you enlarge the photo, you can see how the sequins sparkle in multiple colors.

I already shared these two projects which were completed in January.  All that was left on the sweater was sewing the seams, something I can procrastinate forever!

These socks were the March project, and I've already shown them also.

I almost forgot this month's finish which is a UFO that wasn't on the list, Dublin Bay Socks, a fun and free pattern.

Have a great week!

Moira: It's a new week........

Had some major dental work (implant) started last week so the sewing took a hit last week as I've been dealing with the pain afterwards.

However, I did manage to get most of the baby quilt that is overdue quilted (no picture yet for that).  And got two sample blocks finished up.   These will be bonus blocks for the Teddy Bear BOM that I'm designing and hosting this year.

There is Brianna the birthday bear.   I still need to put a candle on the birthday cake for that block.  And there is Lucy the bride bear.  Have a groom bear yet to design and make to go with her.

Debating on whether to use the same background or not.   If I do, then I have to go shopping so that I can get more of the fabric because I don't have enough left of the FQ to cut another background.  Store is on the other side of town from me but i'll be back in that area on Saturday morning for a pancake breakfast and some shopping so that would be the time to get it.  Patterns are still to come for both of these.

The final project that I got started was sketching out the pattern for my pattern in an online row-along that will be taking place in September of this year.   The pattern has to be in draft format by June and to the organizer.  Because this pattern is larger (finished size of 10" wide by 30" long) than I normally sketch up, I'm having to think a little differently for this one both in how I present the pieces and how I tell people to piece/applique it.   And it's always a good thing when something makes you think and grow.

The theme of the row-along is Christmas carols, and all of the designers have chosen a Christmas carol that is not under copyright any more.  My song is "We Three Kings".  Still to be added to the row are the three wise men which i have drawn up on separate pieces of paper.

Susan: 2 New Seams

Finally, I had a chance to sew on Friday night, and here ya go, two seams!

Seam 57:

And Seam 58, which really didn't set out to look like butterflies, but kind of wound up looking that way:

I don't very often use orange, but I was looking for something that would be different from the soft green/pink/magenta of the other side of the block. When I finish this side, I'll show the whole block for Judy.

May 2, 2017

Cyra - A few project on the go.

I have been busy on a few projects lately. Here is a quick run down of them.

The following pic is the beginnings of what I hope will be a dandelion. It's a bit of an experiment.

Celebrating the number 5 for an anniversary in one of the groups on Ravelry. 
Just for fun.
1. 5 colours x 5 stitches wide x 5 rows.
2. 5 colours x 5 different stitches x 5 sides (pentagon).
3. 5 threads x 5 foundation ch. x 5 sc.
4. 5 colours x 5 puffs x 5 bead stitches.
5. Multiple of 5 foundation x increase every 5th st.

An embroidery piece. Two of these made. The pink is crochet, and there will eventually be a bead or two stitched to the middle of it.

Sorting out my mothers bobbins. Three piles like this. This stack is now untangled and sorted into order. I'll show the sorted photo when I have done all of them.

My mini HEX quilt has progressed a little bit with the blue, black, green and purple rounds added.

The ANZAC day dawn service.
We walked to the town hall and followed the pipes and drums band to the cenotaph and monument.
What an emotional event that was.
When the bugle played and then the silence, apart from the crashing waves on the beach below us.
It really brought it all home.
That 'just-after-dawn' moment.

And a stroll along our Opunake beach yesterday.

Quite an eventful and productive couple of weeks.

Happy Stitching 

Moira - a few more blocks finished

Got a few more swan blocks done over the weekend, along with three heart blocks.   Have 30 pairs of fabric yet to get sewn up then I can begin laying out the quilt.  Time to start ironing the fusible to them.

Angela ~ It's A Bumper Crop

Sorry no stitching again, but I will share my pie.  This is my first year to have blackberries and I'm having a bumper crop so I made this pie with about 3 pounds of them.  The berries are as big as the end joint of my thumb and oh so good.  This pie was super easy and super good, the topping is a crumble.  And we ate some while it was still warm.  Wish you had all been here to taste it!

April 25, 2017

Angela ~ I Really Did Use Needle & Thread!

I promise I really did use a needle with thread....just repair this scrunchie.  
My thread doesn't match but I didn't have any quilting thread this brown color.  The elastic on these scrunchies gives way where the 2 ends are sewn together.  Then it is too loose to hold my hair.
So I sewed through part tightly and made a loose stitch which I sewed through several times tightly and repeated until the loose area once again had elastic that worked.
I not only use these for pony tails, I normally twist my hair into a bun and wrap it twice with a scrunchie to hold it.  It doesn't pull my hair and pins don't fall out everywhere.

So that's the extent of my sewing this week.  The garden has been calling and I've been picking blackberries, oh man, they are good.

Moira: Progress

Had a list of things that needed to be done or worked on this weekend.  And got most of them accomplished or at least good progress made.

First up to be worked on were the final blocks for the commissioned teddy bear quilt.  Made the last 9 blocks - 8 setting blocks (no pic of them) and the final teddy bear block.   Also tweaked the #11 block by adding a candy cane for Nicholas to be holding.

I then started to layout the blocks so that I could see how it was going to look.   I need to figure out where I can lay it out in full.....I don't have the floor space for sure!

Next up was completing the stitching on the pile of swan blocks that I have been working on for a couple of days.   They are now done, and i'm ready to pull more thread out this evening for the remaining blocks.

The last thing that I did was to put together a quilt top for a belated baby gift.  The baby's room is decorated in an Arizona theme, so I'm hoping that they'll like the quilt.  Still is to find a backing that will work and then get it pinned so that I can quilt it.

April 18, 2017

Angela ~ Crafting but no Sewing

I have been busy with everything except sewing.  Here's a group of double sided pendants I made.
These were all ordered by a past customer who lives in England.  He is Greek and they were Easter gifts for nieces & nephews that live here in the US.  The tradition is to hang them in your vehicle.  Each has the person's patron saint.