June 27, 2017

Angela ~ Getting There Little by Little

Some more progress!
It's come to life and I'm making good progress, even if I did have to spend the last 3 days making pickles.

Our next door neighbor gave us a bushel of cucumbers, many of which were over sized.  I have made some dehydrated slices with ranch seasoning on them -not bad, some muffins with grated cukes -pretty good, and 14 quarts & 5 pints of bread & butter pickles.  I don't want to see any more cucumbers for a long time.

Moira - Distractions

Was distracted this past week by the 2017 Row-by-Row shop hop starting.   I went "hopping" on both Friday and Saturday and found some lovely goodies along with getting 8 row patterns.

In my sewing, I  got the sample block for a new block made.   Pattern is still to be written up so that  I can get the pattern posted for sale.  This is Misty the mischievous kitten who is playing in her owners hatbox.   Background was from one of the FQ's that were part of what I received in a swap last Christmas, the shoe box and hat were made with fabric I bought on the hop and everything else was scraps.

Next up, I made progress on the scrap quilt that will be made featuring these fabrics I found in a quilt store in the 2016 row-hop.   Still trying to decide what to use for background, so this is on a back burner again.

And finally, because I couldn't decide what colors to use for the dogs, I decided to start a project with the remaining small pieces of pinks that I didn't want to put back in my stash.  24 squares wide by 29 rows tall..........all 2" finished squares.  There is a reason why I don't normally work with squares this size.......it's time consuming!   lol  Thankfully I had a baggie full of white 2 1/2" squares already cut.  When I get to the legs, I'm thinking I'll cut some 2 1/2" strips and piece them together in sets of 6 strips and then subcut to make the bottom 40% go faster than this top part is.  All the fabric in this is from scraps.

This coming weekend is a long weekend for me and I'm looking forward to time to sew.  Altho I've also thought about doing one more day of hopping here in the southern and western part of the metroplex.   If I do that will wipe out a full day because of the distances and time to make the drive.

Susan: Holly Cottage Christmas

SAL site for Holly Cottage Christmas. The design is a booklet from Michelle Ridgeway

My stocking block is finished! I still have to put the squares around it, but the stocking itself is finished.

Close-up of bird embroidery:

Machine buttonhole appliqué; hand embroidery and hand appliqué of circle.

June 20, 2017

Cyra ~ Fiberart Book Presentation

The International Freeform Fiberart Guild has one of my fiberarts published in the 2017 book.
The theme this year was Pattern In Nature, and my piece is all about the pattern of life of a Leaf 

The Life Cycle of a Leaf

This is the book cover for 2017, and clicking on it will take you the book sale where you can also see all the other fiberarts too.

There is also an online gallery HERE if you prefer to view the fiberart on their website with larger pics.


I went to a wet-felting workshop last weekend, and here are the two flowers I made there.

The orange one is huge, and for The Great Opunake Yarn Bomb project later this year.
The black/purple flower is waiting for beads to be added and for another project.

Well, I think that's it for this week.
Be sure to check out the fiberart online show because you will not be disappointed with the eye-candy there. Some wonderfully talented people all over the world.

Angela ~ Embroidery Progress

A little more progress made this week.
I also had a special order for a saint pendant and I never make just one so I also made these:
I tried something different, I didn't solder them, I just sealed the copper tape.  I'm also going to see if people would rather have pins or pendants by not adding the attachment until they buy it and tell me which they want.

Moira - new starts and progress

Swans are now sewn together and the borders are also together.  They will go onto the quilt this evening.  Then I can figure out where I can go to baste it.  Border was made from rectangles cut at 3" by 5.5" so that they will fit evenly along the sides of the quilt (10" finished blocks).  Colors will shade all the way around the quilt similar to the blocks.

Strip sets made from all of the narrower pink scrap strips in my stash.  These have been cut down into 36 strip sets and will be ultimately combined into blocks that will be set with the two blocks below.  I'm not sure though what I want to use for a background with them.  Most of these were sewn together before work during the week.

These are two orphan blocks that a friend in Australia made and didn't fit like she wanted for a project that she was making.  So she sent them to me to have fun with.  I'll be putting them with the strings above for a cute quilt.  Need to make a couple of more hatbox blocks so that I can an even number of blocks for the quilt.

Have drawn up and am in process of making the next bear block.  This one a quilter who's working on the binding of her quilt, one of her favorite parts of quilting.  Now if only her thread wouldn't get tangled.  =)  No name for her yet.  Still to be done here is do the stitching around the "quilt" and then stitch in the thread.  Debating whether to do that by hand or by machine.  Given the kinks I drew in it, probably easier by hand.  You should be able to click on the pic to enlarge it and see where I sketched in the thread.

And I finished off this quilt top from pink scraps.  Next up one of doggies from one of the other colors of scraps in my stash.  Maybe greens or purples next.

Susan: CQJP2017: August

I picked up a purple pen I thought was Frixion. It is the same shape and type, but sadly NOT Frixion. Therefore, I had to cover what I drew, including the mistakes I made. Hence, it isn't as even as it ought to be, but it will be fine.

Dark variegated is Sassa Lynne fine perle. The light turquoise is a Valdani 8, O 544.

More to come.

June 13, 2017

Judy ~ First of 3 Prayer Shawls

An Unplanned Finish ~

Sorry to be so far behind on posting and commenting, but it's been a bit crazy here.  First of all, the sun has been shining more than usual, so the garden has been screaming for attention.  It did reward us though.  Our clematis is beautiful this year.

Whenever the sun comes out, we get the travel bug, and we've had a couple of fun trips lately that I need to share, but all of my good intentions have been derailed upon learning that three friends have recently been diagnosed with metastatic cancer. Thus, I've dropped everything to knit some prayer shawls.  One is done, and the second has been cast on.

I hope it will bring a measure of comfort.  How I wish someone would find a cure for this dreadful disease.

Angela ~ Embroidered Quilt Square

I finally got to do some embroidery, a little at a time.
A YouTube friend has been very ill with COPD and has been waiting a couple years already for a double lung transplant.  So a bunch of us are making squares for a quilt since she has to stay in bed so much.  Some squares will be crochet, some knitted, some quilted and mine will be embroidered.  Someone donated a quilt top to use for the backing.  

So I chose this scripture and drew up a simple pattern to embroider in cheerful colors.

Moira - I remembered this week!

Several bits and pieces of different things worked on this past week.

First off tho, a pic of the baby quilt I sent off several wks ago and the munchkin it was for.  =)  I'm hoping to see the family in person when I make it out there later in the year.

Next up - pics showing the tote bag I'm working on for a grad gift for my niece.  She just graduated with her education degree and is looking for a teaching job.   And every teacher needs a nice tote bag to haul papers around.  =)   She likes owls hence the owl fabric for the focus print and the appliques.  The third pic below shows the fabric that will be the lining.   She was adopted as a baby from Ecuador and this is the closest that I could find to fit that part of the world (and yes I know it has Mayan pyramids on it....but it's close!).

I've also been playing around with a setting for some of the teddy bear blocks I've been making (the ones named after family members).   I'm going to go with an old-time photo album look, just need to tweak the size of the "photo corners" to allow for seam allowances.
And finally in my cleaning I've become all too aware of how many scraps I have and that I need to do something with them.  So I've pulled the pink ones out and am cutting some 4.5" squares.  I'll be recreating this paper quilt that I found a pic of on facebook in fabric.   Am cutting darker pink squares for the big cat and lighter ones for the smaller one.   Not sure what color I'm going to make the heart in yet, or if I'm even going to put it in.  Am thinking WOW for where the blue is because I have oodles of squares already cut in the right size.

June 6, 2017

Angela ~ Back to the Bible Cover

Remember the bible cover I started months back?  I finally had decided to border the front with ribbon like I did the spine.  Then other stuff got in the way and I put it aside.  When I got it back out was about the time I hyper extended my right thumb.  It's doing better and I can sew for short times now.
This one side took me three evenings in 10 minute spurts.  But at least it's progress!

Moira: Catching up

With the holiday last week I forgot to post, so there's lots of pics for this week.

The commissioned swan quilt has been laid out into rows that are pinned together waiting for me to sew them together.  Was trying to decide if I was going to do a modified quilt as I go or not on it and I think the answer is yes.

Next up was putting this panel that I found in my stash and don't remember buying into a quilt top.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the finished top, so it is just going into my stash of completed tops at this point.  I do need to decide if i'm using the brown as binding so I can keep it all together tho.

I've also managed to get the wise men fused onto the row for my sample.  Found a few tweaks that I need to make to the pattern (like adjusting the size of the three wise men so that they are not all the same so the perspective is better).   And the star needs to go on.   Then I can sandwich and quilt this one because it is going to be raw edge applique.

Once all that is done then I'll finish tweaking the written pattern and be ready to make the final sample once I receive the fabrics for it.

Next up was starting to work on picking up and straightening up my sewing room.  It is a mess and getting hazardous to try to get to some of my thread totes.  

But like usual, as I was doing that I got distracted by a stack of blocks that had been arranged some time ago.  They are now sewn together in a top.  Just need to find a fabric in the stash for a border, but I'm not sure what color I want to use on it.
Any ideas?

And the final distraction was two snack mats.   As I was putting stuff into the tote where these were, I pulled them out and finished them up.  They are now in the tote with finished ones till I decide what to do with them.

May 30, 2017

Angela ~ Small Repair

Sorry I'm posting a bit later than usual, the holiday threw me off.  But at least I have something to share.

I was given a very nice vintage Stetson Fedora to resell on Ebay.  But the covering for the stay had torn from age.  So I repaired it by whip stitching very close to hold it all in place.
I think it looks fairly good and its not seen when being worn.  It was worth doing as the hat is priced at $50 with the repair photo and noted.  Every other part of the hat was in excellent condition.

May 24, 2017

Moira: Finishes and progress on others

Tried posting this before and the system burped and posted it with a date from 2 wks ago.  So trying again to get it to work right.

Finished off the late baby quilt and got it sent off last week.  Made the quilt after seeing a pic of one somewhere.   Love it because the blocks can be made to fit whatever amount of the focus fabric that you have on hand.

I managed to get a quilt sent off for the Hands-2-Help project that Susan and I have been participating in this year.  I sent one that I had made years ago, but then never used or gave to anyone.   It is one of the very few that I've ever made and then washed right after making.

Got the first sample row laid out and fused with the exception of not getting the three wise men added to it.   I still need to cut a large enough piece of Kona block to do that.  This one has the correct layout that I want, but because I wasn't thinking is too long for the actual specs.  So I'm re-thinking a little on the directions and the measurements for it.   Will be June tho before I can really get back to it.  However I did get the draft of the pattern to the gal setting up the row-along.  So that is progress.

And finally I worked on the commissioned origami swans quilt this week.  Got all of the final sets of fabric prepped (fusible ironed to them) and the pieces cut out.  Only to realize that I traced the main body section upside-down to what it should be.  Net result was I had 6 or 7 sets that I have to redo part of them so that they are usable.   These blocks will end up flying in the opposite direction as the ones I've been making.   I'll do that some other time.

In the meantime I pulled more sets of fabric
coordinates and prepped them as replacements.  All of the pieces have now been fused down and I'm working on doing the stitching on them.  There are 31 blocks in process, and 30 already done.....and yes I only need 42 for the commissioned quilt.  But I knew I needed extras in order to be able to play with them as I lay things out to get the look in my head.  Will have enough at the end for a second quilt that I'll finish up and sell.

May 23, 2017

Susan: Another Seam and A Postcard Finished

So don't take it personally that I'm forgetting to post until late in the day. It's been that kind of life the last few months. I did get some stitching finished, though. Here's the September Postcard from Heaven, and the last one I'll do. That will give me 9 blocks for last year's CQJP.

I also did another seam on the August block:

Judy ~ We Have Sunshine!

Not a whole lot of inside work is happening here as the sun is out here for the third day in a row!  Evenings, I'm still working on the long neglected beaded shawl, trying hard to get the correct stitch count for the border, but  this scarf below, one of my favorite patterns for multi-colored yarn is now finished. Hopefully it won't be needed for a good long while!  It does go with our blue skies though, doesn't it?

Carpe diem!  Enjoy the sunshine wherever you are, too.

May 16, 2017

Angela ~ Sorry No Stitching

I'm sorry I have no stitching to share,  I was going to have a post but my hyper-extended thumb has been hurting for days.  The only way to get it well is to not use it.  I'm sure you know how easy that is...NOT.

It's my right thumb and I'm very right handed, but no more moaning.

I've been blessed with almost 10 pounds so far, of blackberries, there are tomatoes on the vine and I'll be picking beans in a day or two.

I have begun a YouTube channel and you can check it out here if you are so inclined.  No sewing there yet, but I'm sure there will be.

I found and loved this and thought I would share.  We could change it to say "...not stitching enough."

Cyra ~ Ice Cream & Christmas Trees

Haha, what a great title - Ice-cream and Christmas trees can only go together in a blog post.

Neapolitan Ice Cream Baby Blanket

It's Finished. 
Yay, I have a FO.
It's called Neapolitan Ice Cream because it is the Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla ice cream colours of the Neapolitan ice cream blocks that I used to buy when my kids were young.
The pattern for this will be in my Ravelry projects soon.

Hexie Quilt

A few bright greens have been added. 
A LOT more bright greens are yet to be added, lol.

Christmas Trees

I have added the beads decorations to my little Christmas trees on the woven felt hearts, and buttonhole stitched around the hearts.
Just have the hanging ribbons to add before I can call them finished.

And, a large, fiber related, street art project is in the planning stage for Oct/Nov.
I'm starting to gather the necessary 'bits & pieces' for it.
I hope Tony doesn't want to put the car away in our garage before Nov, lol.

Happy Stitching